Planning Applications

Reference/Link Details PC Comments
PL/2021/05692 28 Woodmarsh North Bradley Single storey rear ext  No objection
PL/2021/0500 18 Woodmarsh North Bradley  Objection for the reasons stated
PL/2021/04070    Block C, The Pavillions Change of Use from Offices to Residential Dwellings No objection
PL/2021/03113 Froglands Southwick Road NB Dormer window & balcony to rear elevation  No objection
21/02164/FUL 1 Grays Leaze North Bradley Sngl storey extension on front elevation No objection
 18/05122/FUL North Bradley Primary School New secure lobby   Support
18/04074/FUL  9 Broadley Park 1st floor side extension Support
18/04231/FUL  Clarkwood Land at Little Common Redesign of tractor garage   Councillors objected for reasons stated
18/04276/FUL   Old Tythe Barn, Wood Road Replace existing single storey timber  No objection
18/04602/FUL  Trowbridge Retail Park Coffee Shop  No objection with conditions 
18/03647/FUL 1 Drynham Cottages Two storey side extension No objection
18/04459/FUL  39 Oak Drive Ground floor & 1st floor extensions    No objection
18/03544/FUL 2 Roundwood Cottages Fairwood Road  No objection subject to conditions
18/03220/FUL  46 Ash Drive Change flat roof to pitched roof Objection
18/03239/FUL Froglands, Southwick Road Dormer window & balcony Support
18/02947/FUL 4 Churchlands Side & rear extension No objection
18/02949/FUL   24 Woodmarsh Alteration to attic conversion  No objection
18/02230/FUL  43 Woodmarsh Single storey rear extension No objection
18/01801/FUL 15 The Rank Grey UPVC conservatory to front of dwelling No objection with conditions
18/01065/FUL Rising Sun Change of use to accommodate fast food takeaway van  Objection 
18/01371/FUL Erection of detached dwelling   No objection with conditions
17/12509/FUL Land SE of Southview Park 121 residential houses No comment until up to date habitat information is available
17/11608/FUL Lower Biss Farm Retention of mobile home No objection
18/00191/FUL 33 Westbury Road Replace single storey extension with two storey extension No objection
18/00246/FUL Land adjacent to 33 Westbury Road Yarnbrook 3 bedroom dwelling No objection with conditions
17/12564/FUL 30 Church Lane 2 storey side extension & single storey rear extension No objection
17/12379/FUL 1 St Nicholas Close Single rear extension  No objection subject to conditions
17/11035/FUL Grove Villa Drynham Lane No objection 
17/09613/ADV Brokerswood Country Park Signage No objection with conditions
15/04736/OUT  Land SE of Trowbridge Mixed Use Development Amendment No objection
17/08585/FUL   25 Westbury Road Erection of 1st floor extension No objection with conditions 
17/09046/FUL  Barn SE of 3 Little Common Change of use  No objection
17/08505/FUL  Land between 2&2A Church Lane Conversion to a 3 bedroom dwelling house   No objection with conditions
17/06698/FUL 1 St Nicholas Close Replace garage & conservatory with two storey side extension with car port Councillors objected for the reasons stated
17/07250/FUL 2 Yew Tree Cottages Brokerswood Two storey extension and detached timber garage Support with conditions
17/05988/FUL Lower Biss Farm Retention of mobile for agricultural worker's cottage No objection
17/05980/FUL 53 Church Lane North Bradley  Single storey extension  No objection
17/05717/FUL 27 Woodmarsh, Single storey extension No objection
17/04755/LBC Daubeny, Insert two balanced flues No objection
17/03285/FUL 62 Ash Drive, Change of use of garden cabin to beauty business Councillors objected for the reasons stated.
17/02265/FUL 45 Woodmarsh Two storey side extension & detached garage No objection
17/01583/FUL Retrospective change of use from redundant agricultural building to a graphic printing business Support
16/12347/FUL 12 pump filling station, retail/coffee shop No objection with conditions
16/11414/FUL 1xGypsy traveller pitch & associated works No comment
16/12529/FUL 10 College Gardens Reconstruct from & rear porches No objection
16/09921/FUL Organ Pool Farm Conversion of an existing garage into ancillary accommodation Councillors did not object
16/10230/FUL 12 Southwick Road Single storey rear extension with platform and ramp Councillors objected for the reasons stated.
16/11625/FUL Agricultural Building at Cutteridge Farm Change of use to a dwelling Councillors did not object
16/09269/OUT Erection of 2 dwellings Drynham Lane Councillors did not object
16/05169/FUL King's Farm, 6 Little Common - Erection of 2 holiday cabins Councillors objected for the reasons stated. 
16/02602/PNCOU Former Virgin Offices, White Horse Business Park Councillors objected for the reasons stated.
16/02052/FUL Conversion of an existing swimming pool building within grounds of 3a Ireland Councillors did not object.
 16/00587/FUL Change of use to locate 90 holiday lodges Councillors objected for the reasons stated

Agricultural Building at Cutteridge Farm, North Bradley – Prior notification under Class Q for proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling and associated works



47 Woodmarsh, North Bradley, BA14 0SA – Single storey extensions to rear and side forming a new garden room and kitchen COUNCILLORS SUPPORT THIS APPLICATION

Land at Hawkeridge – Change of use of land to equestrian and erection of barn/stables


21 Churchlands North Bradley Wiltshire BA14 0TD - Single storey Infill extension at front

16/00547/FUL Land to the West of Drynham Lane and, to the East of Eagle Park, Southview Farm, Drynham Lane, Trowbridge, Wilts – Provision for 120 residential houses comprising a mix of 1,2,3 & 4 bedroom units and associated infrastructure including roads / footpaths, bridge, cycleway, garages and sub station. COUNCILLORS OBJECT FOR REASONS GIVEN