WW1 Commemoration

Updated list of the men of North Bradley who lost their lives in the Great War

All the items in the first column of this table are links – click on LoFWW to open the Lives of the First World War website, direct to the Parish of North Bradley community, which includes all the men we know died. Click on a man’s name to see his detailed Life Story.

 LoFWW Service No. Rank Name Company/Ship CWGC Cemetery/Memorial Place of Birth Date of death  Theatre of war Age N.B. Memorials Other Memorial Part of Parish associated with Notes
James PHILLIPS 6403 Private James PHILLIPS 1st Wiltshire Regiment Le Touret Memorial Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset 21/10/1914 France 28 Yes Tisbury Not known
Not identified until April/May 2018, so not commemorated on centenary. Poppy has been put up, but has no date. Not had commemoration presentation.
Edwin FORD 6713 Private Edwin Stephen FORD 1st Wiltshire Regiment Le Touret Memorial Aberkenfig, Glamorganshire 31/10/1914 France 28 Yes
 (as Edward Ford)
Trowbridge Woodmarsh Not included in Wiltshire Soldiers list as associated with North Bradley, but living in Woodmarsh. Taken to be the man named as Edward Ford on the memorials.
John F SMITH/ALLEN J/9650 Able Seaman John Francis SMITH
Served as John Francis ALLEN
HMS Angler
Royal Navy
Portsmouth Naval Memorial North Bradley 03/12/1914 At sea 20     Yarnbrook  
George P COWARD 11224 Lance Corporal George Percy COWARD 2nd South Wales Borderers Helles Memorial North Bradley 20/09/1915 Gallipoli 19   Pontypool War Memorial  The Rank  
Walter FOYLE S/10461 Rifleman Walter FOYLE 8th Rifle Brigade La Brique Military Cemetery No2 North Bradley 09/12/1915 France 23 Yes   The Rank Recently added quite a bit of information to Life Story and updated Iformation Sheet.
William SEVIOUR 89634 Gunner William SEVIOUR Royal Field Artillery Wimborne Minster Cemetery Brokerswood 10/04/1916 Flanders 43   Wimborne Minster Brokerswood Discovered after focussed research on Brokerswood
John J FOREMAN K/15000 Stoker 1st Class John James FOREMAN HMS Queen Mary
Royal Navy
Portsmouth Naval Memorial Crockerton 31/05/1916 At sea 24 Yes   Scotland (on Southwick boundary) and Church Lane  
Walter F WEBB 66175 Gunner Walter Frank WEBB 18th Heavy Battery
Royal Garrison Artillery
Sarigol Military Cemetery Kriston Yarnbrook 26/09/1916 Salonika 27 Yes   Yarnbrook  
Reginald G BOX 6360 Rifleman Reginald George BOX 1/12th London Regiment 
Formerly 4415, 9th Middx Regt
Thiepval Memorial North Bradley 07/10/1916 France 21   Trowbridge Not known  
William AG WILKINS 24136 Private William Alfred G WILKINS 1st Wiltshire Regiment Thiepval Memorial North Bradley 21/10/1916 France 24 Yes Trowbridge Woodmarsh and Drynham  
Charles Alfred GRANT 5010 Private Charles Alfred GRANT 1/8th TF Royal Warwickshire Regiment St Sever Cemetery Extension Rouen Trowbridge 22/12/1916 France 32 Yes   Yarnbrook  
Arthur Howard LANE Mar-73 Private Arthur Howard LANE 2nd Wiltshire Regiment Arras Memorial Lower Studley 09/04/1917 France 25 Yes   Woodmarsh  
William Christopher WHITE 61562 Gunner William Christopher WHITE 108th Siege Bty Royal Garrison Artillery Tilloy British Cemetery Tilloy Les Mofflaines North Bradley 18/04/1917 France 25     Yarnbrook Road
Recorded on NB memorial as Christopher W White
William Fred CULVERHOUSE TF/202966 Private William Fred CULVERHOUSE 1/7th Middlesex Regiment Arras Memorial North Bradley 04/05/1917 France 30 Yes Southwick Scotland (on boundary with Southwick), wider family Church Lane  
Henry Charles CHAMPION 23762 Private Henry Charles CHAMPION 6th Wiltshire Regiment Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery North Bradley 07/06/1917 Belgium 17   Trowbridge The Rank  
Herbert Everett CULVERHOUSE 55031 Private Herbert CULVERHOUSE 13th Welsh Regiment Bard Cottage Cemetery North Bradley 22/07/1917 Belgium 32 Yes Southwick The Rank  
Arthur Edward BEVINS 201107 Lance Corporal Arthur Edward BEVINS 1/4th TF Wiltshire Regiment Jerusalem Memorial Ingersby, Leicestershire 13/11/1917 Egypt 34 Yes   Woodmarsh  
Christopher Ken MEREWETHER   Capt. Christopher Ken MEREWETHER 1/4th Wiltshire Regiment Port Said War Memorial Cemetery North Bradley 19/12/1917 Egypt 27 Yes Salisbury (Battlefield cross)
Winchester College
Liverpool Cricket Club
Cyril Narramore WERE   Chaplain 4th Class Cyril Narramore WERE Royal Army Chaplains Department Outterstreene Communal Cemetery Extension Bailleul North Bradley 09/01/1918 France 36     Vicarage  
Percy SHRAPNELL 306640 Private Percy SHRAPNELL 1/7th Royal Warwickshire Regiment Magnaboschi British Cemetery Bath 15/06/1918 Italy 25 Yes   Yarnbrook  
Henry John ABBOTT 28776 Driver John ABBOTT Royal Field Artillery   Yarnbrook 01/08/1918 France 25 Yes   Yarnbrook
Buried in St Nicholas Churchyard. No dates on the poppy with his name, which has been put up already, as only recently identified. Not had commemoration presentation.
Donald Robert KEATES M2/200812 Private Donald Robert KEATES Royal Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Terlincthun British Cemetery Wimille Yarnbrook 10/11/1918 France 26 Yes Bradford-on-Avon Yarnbrook Note date of death. Commemoration presentation? 
  ?   John J ALLEN             Yes     Despite his being on the memorial plaques, I cannot find any links to North Bradley (or Wiltshire!) for a man of this name. If you want to know the online searches I have tried, or have any information that might help, please contact me.
  The men listed below were all listed as connected to North Bradley by Richard Broadhead in his book Trowbridge Soldiers. I could find nothing to connect them to North Bradley.      
John S ROBERTS PO/679(S) Private John Strathern ROBERTS Portsmouth Bn RN Div
Royal Marine Light Infantry
Helles Memorial Mold 06/05/1915 Gallipoli 21 Yes
(John Roberts)
Great Chalfield ? Listed as connected to North Bradley by Richard Broadhead in Trowbridge Soldiers book. A poppy has been put up for him, but I seriously doubt whether this is the 'John Roberts' named on the memorials. The only connection to Wiltshire was his father having moved to Great Chalfield near Melksham from North Wales. This man enlisted in Liverpool, hardly likely if he was in this area. I hope to have another go at researching the man on our memorial plaques.
Edward Ford Mar-89 Sergeant Edward FORD 12th West Yorkshire Regiment Thiepval Memorial Camden Town 14/07/1916 France 42 Yes, but mistake for Edwin Ford     Listed as connected to North Bradley by Richard Broadhead in Trowbridge Soldiers book. Could not find any connection with North Bradley or Wiltshire. Believed to be a mistake on the memorial, replaced by Edwin Ford.
Edward Howard Pickard 10083 Gunner Edward Howard PICKARD 4th Field Ambulance Australian Army Medical Corps Godewaersvelde British Cemetery Southwick 04/08/1917 France 44   Rode   Listed as connected to North Bradley by Richard Broadhead in Trowbridge Soldiers book. This was the result of a mistake in an original document.
Norman William Harding 230901 Private Norman William HARDING Dorset Yeomanry (Queen's Own) Alexandria Hadra War Memorial Cemetery Frome 12/12/1917 Egypt 22   Mere   Listed as connected to North Bradley by Richard Broadhead in Trowbridge Soldiers book. Have been unable to find any connection to the Harding families of North Bradley, his family was almost entirely in Somerset for generations. Suspect a document has been mistakenly transcribed as North Bradley instead of Maiden Bradley.
Albert Charles Perrett 133781 Private Albert Charles PERRETT 32nd Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) Vis En Artois British Cemetery Haucourt Bulkington 02/10/1918 France 19       Listed as connected to North Bradley by Richard Broadhead in Trowbridge Soldiers book. This was the result of a mistake in an original document.