North Bradley Allotments

allotmentAllotments are now worlds away from the flat cap and whippet image of the past where hen pecked husbands could find a retreat from their wives. North Bradley Allotment Association is no exception and you are more likely to see pink wellies, shorts, families rooting around in the soil together and the odd glass of wine next to the hoe. And while Cabbage, Runner Beans, Sprouts and Carrots are still favourites to grove they grow along side Chillies, Okra, Pink Fir Apples and other rather more exotic vegetables.

Allotmenteers are a friendly lot, they wander about for hours looking at other plots and chatting, usually something along the lines of "what's not grown", "what's gone well", "why is yours bigger than mine?" and rather like the anglers stories of how big the one that got away was their successes grow with each telling. The joy of wheeling endless barrows of animal muck from farm and stable and shop and field, filling it about with abandon and thinking. "hope it's not ammo contaminated" - now way to know until next year. And Radox made another killing as countless aching sprained backs soak in the copious depths of hot mineral waters.

So renting an allotment is not only an inexpensive way of getting your hands on valuable gardening space and fresh vegetables but is is also a great opportunity to meet fellow gardeners and a relaxing sociable way to garden that is part of the community.

North Badley Allotment Association is a registered site with the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners and is managed by the Parish Council and the allotment holders. The days when North Bradley could see allotments plots by the dozens along The Rank, on what is now College Gardens and Broadleigh Park are long gone, we are now down to only five allotment plots in Church Lane. However, though small in numbers we are keen and are always happy to stop and chat over the gate to anyone walking by.