Neighbourhood Plan

The fact that you are reading this shows that you are interested in something in North Bradley Parish.  Could we persuade you to take this interest a little further and help us with developing the Neighbourhood Plan for North Bradley?

You may not know what a Neighbourhood Plan is.  Well, at the present, any new development in the parish is subject to planning control by Wiltshire Council.  Decisions on granting planning permission are made by Wiltshire Council planners.  We have the opportunity of changing that.  We can draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for the village ourselves, taking account of residents’ wishes and residents’ knowledge.  If you wish to see more information about Neighbourhood Plans go to

To do this we need the help of as many residents as possible.  You can just give us your views or you can get involved a bit deeper, doing some of the thinking and developing.  At the moment this is being done almost all by the Parish Councillors and Horace Prickett our Wiltshire Councillor, but your help would be very welcome.

The first public meeting will be on Saturday 25 February in the Progressive Hall in North Bradley.  We don’t need to tell you where this is.  There will be two sessions, the first from 11.00 to 13.00 and the second from 16.00- to 17.30. Please come along and help North Bradleyresidents take control of North Bradley’s future.” 

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