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  Over a year ago the Parish was just about to have the referendum on our NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN, when Covid struck.  We have waited patiently over the following months for a new date to be set, The government has now confirmed it will be Thursday 6th May 2021, the same day and place as all local elections.   So, in a few weeks time, you can have your say, and by taking part in the referendum, show that Covid is not going to be allowed to frustrate us.

If you find it difficult to get to your polling station, it will be possible to send your vote in by post.  You can download an application form from the web, or by searching for “Postal Vote”, complete and send the form to Electoral Services, Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, BA14 8JN.  If you do not have a computer, contact the Council on 0300 456 0112.  The deadline for applications is 12 April.  You do not have much time to arrange it.

Because of safety fears, copies of the plan and supporting documents will not be easily available. If you have any questions relating to the plan, please contact a Parish Councillor who will try to provide you with a full reply or arrange for you to see a copy of the plan locally.

Developers are circling around The Trowbridge area looking for sites to exploit.  In North Bradley we have already experienced an application off The Rank and we are currently experiencing greedy developers wanting to increase the number of homes on the site next to the White Horse Business Park from the 175 in the Wiltshire Council HSAP to well over 200.

What came out very strongly, in all of the consultations we had on the North Bradley Neighbourhood Plan, is that our residents want North Bradley village to have a distinct separate identity, and not be seen as a suburb of Trowbridge.

Another threat is that Wiltshire Council is reviewing its Local Plan (previously called the Core Strategy).  This means more homes in the Trowbridge Community Area.  At the present, it is proposing to expand in the Hilperton area, but the land between North Bradley village and Trowbridge will be at risk unless there is a policy to protect it.

So, for these reasons it will be vitally important for the Parish to have its own Neighbourhood Plan to safeguard residents’ interests.

The Steering Group has worked hard over recent years to develop a suitable set of policies for the Parish’s situation.  These policies are:-

  • Policy 1  - The North Bradley Landscape Setting Gap – This guarantees tl North Bradley will not merge with Trowbridge. Keeping an undeveloped area also help to maintain a wildlife corridor from Southwick Country Park to the Biss Wood area and will be good for nature.
  • • Policy 2 - Housing — The plan prevents any further large scale development within the parish after the WHSAP proposals are established.
  • • Policy 3 - Proposed Homes — The plan allows for up to 30 new homes in the village up to 2026.  The homes are proposed off Woodmarsh to the east of the Progressive Hall. This site will include affordable homes.
  • • Policy 4 - Local Green Spaces — The Peace Memorial Playing Field, Pine Walk/Oak Drive Recreation area, the allotments and Trowbridge Town football ground will be protected from development.
  • • Policy 5 - Bat Conservation policy — All development applications will have to avoid harm to our local bats.
  • • Policy 6 - Infrastructure Priorities — This ensures that the village gets improvements in the things people felt important during the consultation such as better pavements and facilities.
  • • Policy 7 - Parish Burial Ground — The provision of a new non-denominational burial ground is supported, allowing people to be buried locally, near to loved ones.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Your vote will make a difference. By voting “Yes” you will be Preserving Our Lovely Landscape.

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Housing Site Allocations Plan UPDATE

Following the examination of Wiltshire’s Housing Sites Allocations Plan in April, we await the inspector’s findings. The report has implications for our Neighbourhood Development Plan which is close to submission.

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