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Election Result

Results of Election held on 4th May 2017

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Community Defibrillator

We are aiming to purchase a defibrillator, which will be accessible to the whole community.In England, the ambulance service attempt resuscitation in approximately 25,000 cases per annum but at present, only a small proportion survive this is because most cases of sudden cardiac arrest are due to an abnormality of the heart’s electrical rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF) in which the electrical impulses that normally control the heart become chaotic and uncoordinated. The heart stops beating (i.e. it ceases to act as a pump) and the circulation of blood stops. Death is inevitable unless the condition is recognised promptly and defibrillation is carried out. Defibrillation is the use of a high-energy electric shock that stops the chaotic rhythm of VF and allows the normal, organised, electrical rhythm of the heart to re-start. This can allow the pumping action of the heart to return. 
The major factor limiting the number of people who survive sudden cardiac arrest is the ability to provide defibrillation within a critical time. 
The Peace Memorial Hall are hoping to provide a defibrillator that will be accessible to the community 24/7, 365 days a year, they will also have it accredited with the South Western Ambulance service.

The hall will hold free familiarisation sessions for anyone who would like to see the defibrillator in action and alleviate and apprehensions the community may have in using it.

North Bradley WW1 Commemoration – online update April 2017

We will soon be adding the first poppies of 2017 to the memorial by the Baptist Church, commemorating two men who fell in the early stages of the Arras Offensive in 1917. Thankfully, there had previously been no war deaths since just before Christmas 1916.

Poppies are being added on Sunday 9th April for:

Arthur Howard Lane and William Christopher White

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The Parish Council have applied to Wiltshire Council under the Community Asset Transfer policy to have the allotments transferred to the Parish Councils ownership.

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Test your Knowledge. At the Peace Memorial Hall Friday 24th March at 7.30 p.m. £10.00 per team of 4.

Quiz Poster


Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council, along with  local residents are working on producing a Neighbourhood Plan. Please get involved with this and more information is available on the Neighbourhood Plan section of this site.

Public Meeting

An open public meeting will be held at the Progressive Hall on Monday 6th February 6.00 - 7.30 p.m. to discuss the proposed new Village Shop and Petrol Filling Station on Westbury Road, Yarnbrook.

Public Meeting Information

Chairman's Annual Report

Read the Chairman's Annual Report, presented to the Parish Annual Meeting on 7th March 2016 

Chairman's Report



Winter 2016 Newsletter

The Winter 2016 Newsletter  has now been published. Please click on the link to download. It is also available in the Quarterly Newsletter section above. If you have any neighbours who would like a hard copy, please contact the Parish Council.

Winter 2016 Newsletter