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Peace Memorial Hall


There are a number of activities going on in your Peace Memorial hall in North Bradley, from educational to leisure, from computing to pub games. Read on for some activities that might interest you...

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Fancy a Walk?

walkingWalking is the cheapest and probably the most enjoyable way of getting regular exercise, but what puts most people off is the thought of walking alone. Well there is an easy solution to the problem - Join a walking group!

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Kissing Gates

kissinggateHow would you like to have a permanent memorial to someone or something, or maybe to commemorate a special event? Your Parish Council has reached an agreement with Wiltshire Council to provide and install KISSING GATES to replace stiles within our Parish.

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Our Halls

progressivehallWe are very  lucky to have two halls in North Bradley village. The Peace Memorial Hall and the adjoining sports field is well known and well used. We are very fortunate to have these fantastic village amenities!

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