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Wiltshire Community First Surviving Winter grant

Details of the grant available, and the Wiltshire council Warm and Safe energy advice service.

Surviving Winter Grant

Public Urged To Report Suspicious Activity Following Spate of Lead Thefts At Churches Across the County

Following a spate of lead thefts from church roofs across Wiltshire, we would like to urge members of the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to us immediately.

In recent weeks, churches of all sizes across the county have been targeted including Malmesbury Abbey and Salisbury Cathedral.

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Yoga Classes

Hatha Flow class every Monday 12:30-1:30 in the Progressive Hall, North Bradley. Open to all abilities. £8.50 a session with complimentary herbal tea at the end of the session.

Book Launch of " A Walk Around North Bradley"

Ever wondered who lived in your house? What was there before your estate was built?

What was life like? Step back through time with a picture tour of North Bradley.

Thursday October 17th 2019, 7pm at North Bradley Baptist Church

A Walk Through Time

Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Stage Consultation

The Submission Stage Consultation Stage is now underway! It runs from Monday 5th August to Tuesday 17th September. This is the second formal consultation that is required on the North Bradley Neighbourhood Plan – the ‘Submission Stage Consultation’ under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. The previous ‘Pre-Submission Consultation’, undertaken in January through to March 2019, was the first formal stage in gathering feedback from the community on the draft plan.

The Submission Stage Consultation reflects community-wide comments, observations, proposals and concerns about the village’s future, bringing them together into a 'living framework' that articulates the community’s overwhelming desire to make North Bradley an even better place to live, both now and in the future.   

The plan has been produced by a Neighbourhood Planning Steering Team including Parish Council members, community volunteers with support from a professional consultant and Wiltshire Council.

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Neighbourhood Plan Update

North Bradley Parish has reached a significant milestone in its journey to achieve a Neighbourhood Plan.  The final draft documents have been sent to Wiltshire Council and have been validated. Wiltshire Council will now carry out preparations to publicise the plan for a 6-week consultation period before the Plan goes in front of a planning Inspector. 

Lee Lee, the Parish Council Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Steering Group, said “I am absolutely delighted to reach this stage.  It has been a long and difficult process but we have had the advice of a knowledgeable consultant and have an enthusiastic Steering Group of dedicated volunteers who are seeing it through.  Our residents have been very supportive throughout the various consultations. One particularly important policy has been to achieve a Landscape Gap between North Bradley village and the Wiltshire Council proposed development next to the White Horse Business Park.  It looks as though we have achieved this.”

Now the Neighbourhood Plan has got this far, it has formal standing and has to be taken into account by Wiltshire Planners when considering development applications within the parish.

North Bradley Peace Memorial Trust recreation ground is recognised as one of the UK’s very best

Today, a record number of parks and green spaces collect a Green Flag Award 

Peace Memorial Trust recreation ground in North Bradley has been recognised by the Green Flag Award Scheme as one of the very best in the South West as one of only 11 sites to receive a Green Flag Community Award in this area.

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Arson attack at St Nicholas Church

There has been a single report of arson at two locations at St Nicholas Church, Church Lane. Police are patrolling the area and are paying close attention to any suspicious behaviour. Police would appreciate any information from any residents who may have been in the area and seen anything suspicious in or near the church between 1pm and 7:35pm on 30th June 2019.  Anyone seeing anything suspicious in future should call either 999 if an emergency situation or 101 if not an emergency. In any instance, quote police ref 54190063293.

Online Crime Reporting Launched On Website

As Wiltshire Police seeks to enhance online services to the public we are pleased to introduce a new way of reporting crime through the Force website.

If you or somebody you know has been a victim of crime, or you witnessed a crime, in Wiltshire or Swindon you can now report it to Wiltshire Police online.

Go to the force website and click on the Report button and select Crime from the menu.

Online Reporting

Trowbridge Area Community Scheme

The scheme provides Community transport for residents in the Trowbridge area including North Bradley.

They are looking to recruit Volunteer drivers and Co-ordinators. If you are able to help , please see


For Active Older People and Beginners to Exercise.

Zumba Ggold is a low impact, light - mediumintensity exercise programme designed so that it is fun and easy to do for everyone.

At the Peace Memorial Hall , every other Thursday 2pm.

Zumba Gold leaflet