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Television programme hoping to speak to grandparents

Shiver Productions are developing a new television programme for a major broadcaster. We are looking for vibrant, fun and outgoing grandparents who want to spend more time with their adult grandchildren (who must be 18 plus). 

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Wiltshire Housing Sites Allocation Plan

The Parish Council has submitted a formal response to the plan.

Housing Plan Response

Co-Option of Councillor

A vacancy has arisen on the Parish Council

Anyone interested in being considered for co-option onto the Parish Council should apply in writing to the Parish Clerk. Deadline for applications is 22 November 2017 .

Co-option Vacancy Poster

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Please see notice re vacancy for Parish Councillor.

North Bradley Notice of Vacancy

Waste Management Strategy Consultation and Household Recycling Centre Refurbishment Programme

The council needs to develop a new waste management strategy in order to shape how we collect and manage household waste and recycling in Wiltshire. We are undertaking a public consultation in order to ensure that our strategy is representative of Wiltshire residents’ and stakeholders opinions on the future delivery of household waste management services. The consultation questions have been developed as a result of workshops with council members which took place July 2017.
We would like to encourage as many residents, members and local organisations as possible to complete the consultation. The consultation runs from 4 September 2017 and will be available to complete until 14 November 2017. Residents can complete the  consultation survey on the council’s website.

Hare Coursing is a Crime

The National Farmers Union here in Wiltshire is working with the police to try and reduce the incidence of hare coursing across the county. As you may know, this activity (where dogs are released to chase and kill wild hare for the purpose of betting) is illegal and alongside the environmental crime involves trespass, criminal damage and threatening/ intimidating behaviour to farmers and landowners.

Hare Coursing Poster    

Rural Crime Hare Coursing Video

Be Aware of Telephone Scam

We are urging residents to be vigilant following a scam reported by two people in Chippenham and Calne this week.

On Tuesday 29 August, two men aged in their 90s, received calls from a man claiming to be a detective. The ‘detective’ told both men that money had been taken from their bank accounts and to assist police with ongoing enquiries, they must confirm how much money they had in their accounts and who they bank with. They were then asked to go to a jewellers in Chippenham and purchase a Rolex watch costing approximately £25,000.

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Credit Card Scam

Beware of calls from someone claiming to be from Scotland Yard, and saying that they have arrested someone who claimed to be your Grandma, and that they had your credit card details. The Police advise that there is a rash of these calls in our area.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance

An evening of music and sing along at county hall in aid of Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Tickets £5 including a glass of vine or soft drink on arrival. Please book through 

Music and sing along


Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Development Plan Document

The Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Development Plan Document (DPD) has just been approved by Cabinet and is now out for consultation. If the DPD is accepted, as currently presented, large open spaces within and around the Parish will be offered for development.

Please make your comments  to :- Spatial Planning Team, Wiltshire Council, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wilts BA14 8JN The consultation portal web address is:  Consultation          at which you may leave email responses

Your responses must be in before the closing date of September 22nd. You may also contact any of your Parish councillors or attend any of our monthly meetings at the Progressive Hall, North Bradley on the first Monday of the month at 7.30 p.m.

Map and flyer

Invitation to voice your views at interactive public meetings

Helping Wiltshire Council meet the challenges ahead

You are invited to attend one of a series of meetings that Wiltshire Council is hosting to discuss the challenges that the council is facing and the impact that these could have.

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