Church Lane School Traffic

northbradleytapestryChurch Lane does suffer terribley from traffic issues during the school drop off and pick up times as the people living in and around the area will justify. The subject is a hot topic at the school and most Parish Council meetings. Janette O'Brien has written a note to residents of North Bradley to clarify what the school is doing in order to aid the situation.





Dear Residents of North Bradley

I am writing to you to explain the measures that we take in the school to try to alleviate traffic disruption in the area of the village around the school as I know this is a concern for many of you.

  • We suggest a one way system for visitors to the school who we expect to enter Church Lane via Southwick Road and exit via Westbury Road. It would be great if villagers could also use this system, particularly in the periods before and after the school day. (9am and 3pm)
  • We have a „rop off zone?in front of the school that should not be used for parking but as a place to pull into and drop off the children.
  • We regularly write to parents to ask them to park safely and respectfully around the village, avoiding driveways and verges.
  • Just recently children in the school have been making posters and flyers to remind their parents about our rules.
  • We have worked with the council to develop a travel plan and this has allowed us to apply for work to be done on the highway outside the school. We are hoping for better road markings and work to the kerbs and verges. The Parish Council are aware of this and we are currently liaising on the best solutions to the problems.
  • We encourage children and parents to walk to school if at all possible and have regular class competitions to make this an attractive a proposition!

We take our role in village life very seriously and work as hard as we can to minimise any disruption to residents. Please always feel free to let us know if there are problems arising.

Yours sincerely

Janette O'Brien, Headteacher