Community Governance Review - Your Views Count

Wiltshire Council have undertaken a Community Governance Review. In that review they have recommended that the following areas of North Bradley be transferred to Trowbridge Town  Council. Essentially the new developments on Elm Grove and the rear of Woodmarsh could potentially move over to Trowbridge Town Council.  This would mean that Trowbridge Town Council would receive any Community Infrastructure Levy for new developments, and those residents affected would pay the Council Tax precept for Trowbridge, which is considerably higher than for North Bradley
 We have until July to get the public to contest this decision via the Wiltshire Council Governance Review pages. . We are not allowed in this response to challenge the loss of income that this will mean. Please feel free to fill in the online consultation, links at the end,
Lets get the whole village behind us.
The consultation will run  to at least 10 July 2020.